Coronado High School Cafeteria Renovation

Coronado High School

Coronado High School, Lubbock, TX

Coronado High School
Lubbock, TX

Construction Cost: The cafeteria is roughly 10% of a projected $11 million campus renovation.

Completion Date: Total renovation completion is scheduled for the Fall of 2013.

Purpose: Complete renovation/addition as part of the LISD bond election and the initiative to close the campuses of all high schools and make the cafeterias more appealing to the students.

Contractor/Client: Lee Lewis Construction

Description: As part of the renovation of the school cafeteria, Sterling Building Materials provided materials from several different manufacturers, including:

  • toilet partitions by Scranton Products in the new restrooms
  • FE and cabinets by Larsen’s throughout the complex
  • Dedication plaque by Southwell
  • Aluminum floor hatch by Bilco